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Cloud Assessment

What Is a Cloud Assessment?

by Ester Adams

According to one study, four main companies use 67% of the cloud infrastructure. Clearly, there are companies that have realized how great cloud services are for their business.

If you’re wondering how cloud services can work for your business, you should do a cloud assessment for your business.

But what is a cloud assessment and how do you do one? Keep reading to learn all you’ll need to know about cloud options.

What Is a Cloud Assessment?

A cloud assessment is a process that will determine if your business is ready to go through the cloud migration process. The goal of this assessment is to analyze the data infrastructure and application.

This can be used to figure out how you can migrate everything to the cloud.

There is a cloud assessment framework that will help you analyze the requirements and match them with the right application and solution. This framework can help you find a provider, like Orion Networks IT Services to make sure that you have a smooth migration.

The Five Steps

When you do a cloud assessment, there are five main steps to the assessment and planning process.

The first step is to assess the workload. You’ll need to value the virtual and physical environment and also look at servers, data centers, and historical use data.

Next, you’ll need to plan. You’ll need a major application that will connect different systems to your cloud, and you should make sure you choose a good one before sending everything to the cloud.

After that, you’ll need to visualize and put your applications into different categories. A cloud assessment and infrastructure will look at the interconnection between apps and figure out how to group them better.

Next, you’ll prepare the applications and prioritize who’s ready for the cloud.

Now, you’ll need to estimate the total cost for migrating everything to the cloud. You’ll need to figure out which options are going to be great for your infrastructure and your business.

Benefits of Doing an Assessment

What’s the point of doing an assessment? There are actually a few benefits, like being able to standardize and optimize the cloud assessment.

Then, you’ll correct and identify problems when you’re studying before you actually migrate them. You can also provide the framework and tools to make sure that you have a successful migration and don’t lose data during the migration.

This will also give you a financial analysis from a high level to figure out what the value of the cloud migration will be. This will help you see in black or white whether or not it will be a good idea for your business.

Learn More About Cloud Technology

These are only a few things to know about a cloud assessment, but there are many more factors to consider. We know that running a business and staying up to date with technology can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out.

If you enjoyed this article, explore our website to find even more articles related to business and technology.


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