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Workplace Communication

Simple Steps To Improve Workplace Communication With the Use of Technology

by Ester Adams

With the current shift into remote work verse in the office, it can be difficult to ensure your team is communicating effectively and efficiently. Yet, there are tools and strategies you can implement for better workplace communication.

Improving your communication between your employees as well as their teammates can show many improvements within your work environment. Whether you work in the office, remote, or have a hybrid schedule, you’ll find that workplace communication can be improved in many ways.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the top tools and strategies you need to know for better workplace communication.

Using Email as Communication

One of the most common workplace communication tools is email. For example, emailing a co-worker can be an easy way to get a quick question answered so you can move on with a project.

Did you know an average office worker receives about 121 emails and sends 40 each day? It’s true!

Yet, this form of non-verbal communication can be taken in many different ways, which is why many people find it difficult to master.

You’ll find that there are classes offered to improve the way you send emails. These classes can help improve your communication with co-workers through technology. It can be very beneficial to sit your team down and let them know what the proper email etiquette is in your workplace.

Communicating Over the Phone 

Another way to get a quick question answered or even discuss a longer topic is by calling a co-worker on the phone. Phone conversations can either be formal or informal. It mostly depends on your relationship with the person on the other end.

If you work in a fast-paced environment, you might want to consider a two-way radio as another form of communication. These handy tools can be a great way to connect two employees together when they’re on opposite ends of the building. Be sure to learn more about the Motorola radio, as it is a great choice for your workplace.

Meeting on Microsoft Teams

Workplace communication technology is always improving, which is why more companies are using Microsoft Teams to connect with their employees. Especially since remote work is becoming more and more common, using Microsoft Teams to video chat, call, or even instant message an employee can be an effective communication tool.

If you’re looking to meet with multiple employees at once, hosting a teams meeting can be a useful way complete your agenda. Since everyone has access to a camera through Microsoft Teams, you’ll find that you can still have face-to-face communication with your team. This form of communication can help to get many things across and be very beneficial in the workplace.

Strategies for Better Workplace Communication

As you can see, there are plenty of different ways for better workplace communication, especially using technology. You’ll find that when you improve the way you and your team communicate there will be many benefits. Be sure to use our top tools and strategies to improve communication in your workplace.

Are you interested in learning more tech tips and tricks? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to keep scrolling our page for advice on technology, computers, mobiles, and more.

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