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New World Roadmap – What’s Coming Next

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New World has been struggling to retain its player base since its launch back in October. It did have a minimal increase in players in April. However, that didn’t last long. Each month, New World continues to lose active players. For an MMO, that is not a good thing. But it looks like things might change with the May update. Players have been starving for more content and extra things to do. The May update is part of the Spring roadmap shown a while ago.

The May update includes tons of bug fixes and adjustments. Many players have been voicing their opinions that New World is in a buggy state now. This update is sure to fix a lot of those problems.

3v3 PvP Arena

3v3 player versus player is the prominent feature of this update. Players will be able to team up with two other players and fight against another team of three. The objective is to be the first team to win three rounds. The rounds are two minutes long, but if the battle drags on, a ring of fire will appear and push players towards the center of the arena. This should force some action and make things more interesting.

To participate in the Arena, players will have to talk to Maximus Marcellus in Everfall. He is the fight promoter and will set you up with a match.

The Arena is not the only new addition coming in May. There is also a new currency called Azoth Salt. We will detail how to obtain this currency and what to use it for in just a short moment.

It’s great that New World is finally getting some much-needed content. The 3v3 PvP Arena should be a blast to play, and the New World coins give players something to work towards. Players that want to see what is in store can check out the Arenas: Devs Vs. Creators streams to see some intense battles and how things might play out. You can also earn some Twitch Drops by watching as well.

PvP Reward Track

Aside from the 3v3 Arena, New World is also introducing a PvP Reward Track. This is a new way to earn some sweet rewards and Azoth Salt by participating in PvP-related activities. These activities include War, Outpost Rush, 3v3 Arenas, PvP Missions, PvP Open World kills, and fort captures. You will also earn extra Azoth Salt for getting XP while flagged for PvP.

There are three different reward tiers or notches that you can progress through. Each time you hit a new level, you will be able to choose one of three rewards from a pool of possibilities. The higher the level, the better the rewards will be. You can use your Azoth Salt to purchase the tips that you want.

New World gold could be one of the rewards you can get from the PvP Reward Track. Your PvP rank will increase each time you complete a track. Like most MMOs, you will be able to earn achievements, titles, and rewards the more you increase your PvP rank.

The 3v3 Arena and the PvP Reward Track are two great additions that should keep New World players busy for hours on end.

New Quest: Varangian Knights – Episode 2

The May update will also introduce a new quest called Varangian Knights – Episode 2. This is the continuation of the story from Episode 1 and picks up where things left off. Players will need to be level 25 or higher to participate in this quest.

To start the quest, players will need to talk to Abigail Rose, located just outside the new Varangian camp at Sorcerers Delve in Everfall. Players will be up against four new types of Varangian enemies: the Crusher, Spearman, Hound, and Mage.

Combat Tuning, Bug Fixes, and Quality of Life Improvements

I suggest going to the official post to check out the complete list of bug fixes and combat adjustments. The list is so long it will give Harry Potter books a run for its money. However, some notable quality of life updates are worth mentioning.

  • Added the ability to change skills and spend skill points based on whether the player is in or out of combat, instead of blocking when the player had power on cooldown.
  • We now show an error message when attempting to pick up items when the character inventory is already at the maximum item limit.
  • Added a tooltip to explain how to increase mana regen on the Attribute menu.

These are just a few of the top ones. Remember to check out the link for the full breakdown.


In short, New World’s May update will introduce a 3v3 player vs. player arena and a reward track. Players will be able to earn lots of rewards playing PvP. Rewards like New World items and New World gold. This update will also have a new quest continuing the Varangian Knights storyline. Lastly, this update has a textbook worth of bug fixes, adjustments, and improvements. There is still more content coming in the Summer and Fall, so be on the lookout.

Are you looking forward to New World’s May update? Comment below if this will get you to jump back in.

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