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Create the Perfect Gaming Set Up

How to Create the Perfect Gaming Set Up: 5 Essential Steps

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If you are an avid gamer, you will always be looking for ways to improve your gaming set up and in this short article, we offer a few tips on improving a gaming set up. Of course, we have no idea about your actual gaming set up, so some of these tips may not be relevant, anyway, here they are.

  1. Curved monitor(s) – If you can afford it, three curved monitors give you a panoramic gaming view; when looking for peripherals for a computer, Dell have top quality curved monitors with exceptionally high refresh rates. It is always important to buy known brands when looking at monitors and Dell are one of the better monitor manufacturers.
  2. Ergonomic gaming chair – If there is one item of furniture to invest heavily in, it must be a gaming chair. There are several top brands that include DX Racer, Razer and EGA, all have excellent models with many great features; genuine leather means your new gaming chair will last a lifetime.
  3. Computer specs – Of course, performance is everything and perhaps an additional 16Gb of DDR4 RAM would improve performance slightly. How powerful is your video card? If it is lacking in memory, consider upgrading to a GEOFORCE RTX 3060, which is a state-of-the-art graphics card with top performance. Indeed, if you need any computer components, there are leading Thai websites that offer a diverse range of components, all at affordable prices. Click here for tips to build a company budget.
  4. Climate control – Of course, it is important to feel comfortable while gaming and climate control is an important aspect. The ideal environment would be air-conditioning, especially here in Thailand, where temperatures can reach 40C, while some gamers are fine with a single table fan, which we don’t recommend as the computer generates a lot of heat, so a/c is preferred. If the CPU overheats, this will drastically impact performance, so make sure the room temperature doesn’t reach 30°C.
  5. Keyboard, mouse & headset – All 3 of these components can be wireless, which is more comfortable than having cables everywhere. We recommend that you invest in a gamer’s keyboard that is backlit with LED illumination; major brands include Logitech, who also do wireless mice and top of the range Bluetooth headsets. If you search with Google, you will find a leading Thai supplier of computer accessories, add-ons and components and when you find what you’re looking for, a secure online payment is all it takes to see the items shipped to your home address.

If you make a few improvements here and there, your gaming skills should improve and everything you need can be sourced from a single online supplier. It pays to compare products and prices when purchasing computer components and when you shop online, you have the same consumer rights as if you purchased in a regular store.

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