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How to buy the best EMF meter detectors?

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Electromagnetic radiation is a type of radiation that travels in waves and contains both electric and magnetic fields. Inside your home, it’s produced by household appliances like cell phones, radio, microwave ovens, laptops, washing machines, and hair dryers.

Overexposure to it can cause permanent damage to the DNA and cells, leading to mutations and even cancer. To detect the primary sources of radiation in your home, you need to use an EMF meter. Since there are various models available, you should know how to select the best EMF meter detectors. Here are some tips you could use.

What is an EMF detector?

An EMF meter is a hand-held device that measures electromagnetic fields. They are also called Gauss or magnetometers. EMF is produced by both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current). These meters are used to measure fields caused by alternating current that is generated by most household appliances. The device does this by using sensitive components to detect fluctuations in electric or magnetic energy.

There are two main types of meters: single-axis and tri-axis. Single-axis meters measure a single dimension of the electromagnetic wave. To get a complete measurement, you have to tilt them slightly. Tri-axis meters measure all three dimensions or axes at once. They are costlier than single-axis meters.

Things to check while buying a meter

Detection range

Choose an EMF device with an excellent detectable frequency range. The type of electromagnetic wave will also play a role in deciding the range. An acceptable detection range could be between 40-100 hertz, while for radio, a frequency between 20 megahertz to 6 gigahertz is satisfactory. It’s advisable to go with one that measures a wide range of frequencies.

Big display

It is crucial to opt for a device whose display is easy to read and understandable. It is the display section that will tell you the amount of radiation emanating from a specific device. Choose those that have LCD along with a backlit feature.

Long-lasting battery

Magnetometers work with a battery, so selecting one that lasts for a long time makes sense. The battery should be able to work for about 12 hours with the backlit display turned on. When turned off, it should function for approximately 90 hours. There should also be a low battery indicator so that you know when to charge it.


It can be inconvenient to check the display every time you stumble upon a source of radiation. The alarm will go off automatically whenever there is high radiation. Some devices have alarms that produce sounds as high as 60 decibels, so they are always audible.

Miscellaneous features

It is advisable to go with devices that offer a lot of extra features. One of these is peak hold, which can easily detect products that emit fast signals. An in-built memory is also helpful since it saves a history of the previous recordings. If the product is made of plastic, it will last longer than those made from other materials. You will also find meters that automatically shut off after ten minutes and save a lot of battery time.

These are some tips that will be helpful while looking for the best EMF meter detectors. It is a wise investment since overexposure to radiation can cause severe health damage in the long run.

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