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How Group Ironman & Boss Bash Can Help Players Farm OSRS GP

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The Group Ironman received some changes that will make it more casual friendly, such as enabling you to keep your items and OSRS GP when changing groups to Boss Bash.

OSRS Introduces Group Boss Bash & Group Ironman Changes

Group Ironman is a game mode that Jagex added to Old School RuneScape last year. This mode resembles the regular Ironman mode in its restrictions for trading goods, such as items, consumables, or OSRS GP, but it is different because you can trade within your group. As Jagex put it, when you play Group Ironman, you “play alone, together.” It is the latest game mode, but it still requires a few adjustments. The first set of changes was already released. It included changes related to QoL, such as teleport shards, group storage expansions, and the player-owned house system modification. These changes were significant as they allowed the teams to have more fun and potentially lose less OSRS gold on dying, Construction training, or bank slots.

Old Changes and Ideas

Another idea that could have affected Group Ironman had also been debated. This idea took the group storage to the next level and made some untradeable OSRS items tradable. However, Jagex does not want to develop this further as the idea faced a decent amount of opposition. This is because it would create an unfair advantage. The logic behind this is that some of the discussed items work with charges, and while not fully charged or uncharged, they are untradeable. When you uncharge a said item, you will generally lose some OSRS GP.

Let’s look at the case of the Trident of the Seas. You’ll need gold, fire runes, death runes, and chaos runes to charge it, and upon uncharging it, you will only get back your runes. Having the item tradable while not fully charged within the group would be an excellent (until multiple of the same item are obtained by the group) quality of life improvement. However, all the other players but the GIMS would lose their OSRS Gold if they were to uncharge it, and as such, the GIMS could get an unfair advantage.

New Changes

The current update is trying to address the most significant complaint regarding the Group Ironman game mode: its dire lack of flexibility. It’s rarer that a group stays together from when they form than they don’t, as players can temporarily quit, take breaks, don’t get along anymore, don’t have enough time or dedication to keep going, etc. But whatever the reasons, it’s a fact that not many groups ended the same way they started.

Once a member becomes inactive, they can be removed from the group or kept there. But the team will compete on the HiScores as an entire team. They will still appear as five if they started as five or three if they started as three. If the player is kicked, his spot will appear as a vacancy. Any responsible group leader would have had to think twice before kicking a member, as it’s an irreversible process. Upon return, the said member could only choose between remaining a GIM at the cost of their OSRS items or becoming a main, losing their GIM status but keeping all of their valuables.

Many players would love to have additional options such as joining a different group, inviting an already grown-up GIM into their own, or merging two GIMs. And Jagex finally realizes that regardless of how much we all love this game, having a group running is not an easy task or a sustainable option. Therefore, they are introducing a subclass of the group ironman mode called Unranked. Now, there will be:

  • Ranked GIM
    • Prestige GIM
    • Non-prestige GIM
  • Unranked GIM

This will allow team flexibility in exchange for ranking, as the GIM will be removed from the HiScores. They can become unranked once they invite a new experienced GIM to join their group, or upon leaving your group, you will be able to choose to become an unranked GIM (and join another unranked GIM group further). Jagex will remove all the trading restrictions once a group becomes unranked.

Group Ironman Boss Bash

Boss Bash is a tournament specific to Group Ironman. It aims to bring more cooperation and teamwork within groups, besides skilling and earning OSRS GP together. Jagex knows that unless they make GIM more accessible, it will become an unpopular game mode after the initial hype dies. So they are bringing more incentives for you to play together with your friends in the form of Boss Bash. Regardless of the type of Group Ironman you’re playing, you’ll be able to earn points by killing specific bosses together with your teammates and participating in a raffle. The tournament will take place for two weeks, starting May 25.

During these two weeks, you can kill specific bosses and earn specific points (that are more cosmetic than anything and cannot be traded). Jagex will pick ten groups randomly and award them with OSRS membership. They chose to pick randomly instead of having a ranking to keep the tournament casual and open to as many groups as possible.

To participate, groups will need to sign up for the tournament by clicking a button from an in-game interface. For the duration of the tournament, after you’ve signed up, you won’t be able to leave the group or change the group’s name. You’ll still be able to do all your other favorite activities, like killing those bosses with your team and earning some OSRS gold.

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