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Everything You Need to Know About How C# MemoryStream Works

by Ester Adams

Software developers earn more than $110,000 a year. That salary comes with a lot of responsibility. Your main job is to turn code into a user-friendly program.

You’ll work on internal projects that companies use to be more efficient and productive. The main programming language you’ll use is C#.

C# is used for web applications, desktop programs, services, and games. You’ll need to know how to leverage the unique tools within this programming language.

C# MemoryStream is one of the features that lets you run programs and create clean code. Want to know more about this abstract class?

Read on to learn more about the C# computer language.

C# Classes

Let’s begin with the basics of C#. This programming language was created at Microsoft in 2000. It’s designed to run on the company’s .NET framework.

It’s still used today because it’s a simple computer language to learn. The simplicity shouldn’t fool you, though. It’s complex enough to handle the most demanding program requirements.

The simplicity of C# lies in the structure. Everything within C# is an object or class. These objects and classes have assigned attributes and methods.

A class defines the object, and the attributes and methods enhance the object.

When you write classes, you have the option to use data abstraction. This allows you to reveal only relevant information to end-users.

What Is C# MemoryStream?

C# MemoryStream is an abstract class that allows data to get stored in memory. The stream is a pipeline where information flows between two places.

In the case of MemoryStream, data flows between a computer’s memory and another data point, such as a database.

Users may have to load a PDF file. If you want to speed up the process, you can load it from memory using MemoryStream to PDF C#. This is perfect for web applications that need to load quickly.

MemoryStream vs. FileStream

Programmers will have a choice between classes. The main ones are FileStream and MemoryStream.

The difference between the two is that FileStream lets you read and write information to a file. MemoryStream lets you read and write information to memory.

MemoryStream is only as good as the amount of memory available on a device. It’s meant for small files. Use it for large files and the computer’s RAM won’t be able to handle the request.

If you have large files to move between two points, you’re better off using FileStream.

Make the Most of C#

Do you want to improve your programming skills? C# is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. It’s one of the most difficult ones to master.

If you want to make the most of C#, you should learn how to use C# MemoryStream. You can assign tasks that a user can perform on a specific file. It’s different than using FileStream and other classes.

Both types of classes have a purpose. Once you understand how to use both, your programming work will improve.

For more tech tips and computer programming advice, check out the other articles on the blog.

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