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American Eagle gift cards

Do American Eagle gift cards work at aerie?

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Can American Eagle gift cards work at Aerie?

It is possible to redeem the AE Gift Card can be used to purchase merchandise in the AE, AERIE or 77KIDS store, in addition to AE.COM, AERIE.COM OR 77KIDS.COM.

Are you able to bring back aeries for American Eagle?

1.) Return to an AE Store (It’s FREE!) If you purchased your item via phone, online or in one store, we are able to return or exchange your items in the nearest AE, Aerie, or AE Factory store in Canada.

Where can I make use of the credit card of my American Eagle Credit Card?

The AEO Connected(r) Credit Card is only available only at American Eagle and within their range of shops: AEO Factory Stores Aerie as well as their online stores (ae.com, aerie.com). This AEO Connected(r) Visa(r) Card is a credit card that can be used anywhere Visa accepts it. Card is able to be used wherever Visa accepts Visa.

Do you think it worth the American Eagle Credit Card worth it?

It’s not the best. If you don’t go to American Eagle every week and you can accumulate reward points, while also paying on the card each month, it’s not worth the effort to purchase this card. The rewards offered aren’t that big while the annual interest extremely high.

Are American Eagle Credit Card hard to obtain?

Credit Score Required to Qualify to be eligible for American Eagle Card If you have low FICO credit scores and store cards are fantastic ways to build credit. You could be eligible to be eligible for an AE card with scores less than the upper 400s and lower 600s. However, the American Eagle Visa card, however, requires a greater credit score.

How can I pay for the balance on my American Eagle Credit Card?

Simply send a cashier’s payment in cash or by check together with the coupon for payment that is on the credit card statement at AEO, Inc. Credit Card Services or P.O. Box 530942 Atlanta, GA To pay your American Eagle credit card bill via phone, you can call the number and make use of an automated payment system pay your payment.

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