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7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Phone Case

by Ester Adams

The majority of people carry their phone everywhere, with 74% saying they feel uneasy leaving their phone at home.

If you constantly have your phone in your hand or bag, the chances of damaging it are high. You need a case to cover your phone and keep it in tip-top shape.

But what should you look for when buying a phone case? Read on to learn the top seven things you should check before buying a case for your phone.

1. Protection

Perhaps the number one purpose of having a phone case is to protect your phone. But not all phone cases are actually protective.

A protective phone case should be durable and offer cushioning if your phone falls. Ideally, it will protect the entire phone, including the camera and screen. If it doesn’t, consider buying an additional screen and camera lens film.

2. Material

There are many different types of phone cases in a variety of materials, from plastic to leather. Choose the material that fits your unique needs.

To prevent breaks, choose shock-absorbent rubber or silicone. If you want a case that will last for years, try wood. If you want something that looks sophisticated, leather or faux leather can be great options.

3. Your Personality

If you carry your phone everywhere, why not treat it like a fashionable accessory?

Just like the outfit you pick in the morning, your phone case should relate to your personality. Go for a decorative phone case in a color or pattern you love.

For inspiration, read more about fun, personality-packed phone case styles.

4. Grip and Hold

Before buying a phone case, see how it feels in your hand. Is it clunky when you hold it? Do you feel like you might drop it? Is it too heavy?

Look for sufficient grip and features like straps or a finger ring if needed.

5. Water Protection

While phones are increasingly becoming waterproof, a case can add another layer of protection from rain or spills.

Even if you don’t spend time at the pool or ocean, consider investing in a waterproof case.

6. Size and Phone Model

One easy mistake is to accidentally buy the wrong size phone case.

Because many companies only make cases for specific phone brands or the latest models, be sure to double-check the size and model you buy to ensure it matches your phone.

7. Price

When searching for a phone case, you’ll want to make sure it’s within your budget. After all, phone cases can run anywhere from $5 to $500 (or more) for designer styles.

However, before reaching for the cheapest option, remember that your phone was an expensive investment. To lengthen the life of your smartphone, a high-quality case is essential.

Find the Perfect Phone Case

Your phone goes everywhere with you. Don’t leave it vulnerable to cracks, water, and other types of damage. Use the tips above to find the perfect phone case for you.

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