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Boost Your Instagram Marketing

5 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Instagram Marketing ROI

by Ester Adams

Are you using Instagram, Gen Z’s favorite social media platform, to market your business? You have the potential to generate billions of leads through social media marketing on this popular platform.

Before you start posting on Instagram, you need to know the best Instagram marketing strategies to take advantage of its massive user base and boost your marketing ROI.

That’s why we have the marketing insights to help you succeed! You can follow these 5 proven strategies for your business’s Instagram and watch as your ROI increases.

1. Use Hashtags in Every Post

Hashtags are the easiest way to market your content directly to users. Think of them as buzzwords for content discovery. You can use hashtags to show other Instagram users what the content is about.

If you use hashtags wisely, your target audience can discover you through the “Explore” tab or a hashtag search.

Here are some quick tips for making effective hashtags:

  • Make a hashtag for your brand and consistently use it
  • Be specific in your wording
  • Use words to appeal to your target audience more than the general public
  • Take advantage of hashtag trends when relevant

If you post about similar topics often, try to have some consistency in your hashtags. This will boost your brand awareness, and people who frequent those hashtags will come to recognize and trust your brand.

Always add relevant hashtags! By omitting hashtags, no one will be able to discover your content.

Pro tip: don’t overuse hashtags. Excessive hashtags may result in a shadow ban, which can limit your exposure on the platform.

2. Add Stories to Your Instagram Profile

Instagram stories are temporary clips and images that you can add to your profile. These videos will show up at the top of a user’s feed if they follow you, making Instagram stories prime real estate for marketing.

Why post content that will disappear after 24 hours?

A few reasons.

First, these stories encourage active engagement. Instead of users scrolling past your regular posts, they’re solely focused on clicking through your content. This may even entice them to visit your profile.

Instagram stories also give you the opportunity to add interactive features, like the popular polling feature. This encourages users to interact with your content and hopefully build a more positive relationship with your brand.

So, how do use stories effectively?

You should use stories for exciting information like sneak peeks and special announcements. You can also use polls and quizzes to see what your followers are interested in seeing on your profile.

If you run Instagram story ads, you’re increasing active engagement, brand recognition, and even follower retention.

3. Collaborate With Influencers

How do you broaden the scope of your audience? Market to someone else’s audience!

Influencer collaboration is a timeless social media marketing strategy to quickly gain a bigger audience.

When you partner with influencers, make sure it’s a mutually beneficial collaboration. To benefit from collaboration, try to work with influencers who share an overlapping target audience. This way, you know you’re marketing to the right people.

Before you commit to the collab, check the influencer’s Instagram metrics carefully, especially the engagement.

A high follower count may seem like a great opportunity for marketing, but if they don’t regularly get likes and comments, the majority of their followers may not be active on Instagram or engage with that influencer’s content anymore.

Of course, you’ll need likes and followers to interest fellow influencers. You can buy Instagram likes through stormlikes.com and receive likes from real people.

4. Give Incentives for Engagement

Your followers may need a little nudge to keep them active and interested in your brand. To retain your followers and attract more, you’ll need to prompt them into action.

Likes and Comments

When you post on Instagram, encourage your followers to interact with the post. Of course, a simple “Like and subscribe!” is something, but an authentic and exciting prompt is better.

For example, in a picture of new shoes, you can post “Where would you wear these new heels?”

Even a simple question like this gives your followers a more authentic and exciting opportunity to comment on your post.


To really elevate your marketing campaign, you can run a contest. You can do this in many different ways, and Instagram users will benefit from boosting your profile.

One popular method is to offer a free giveaway to one person that meets certain criteria. To be eligible, people usually have to follow your profile and tag another person in the comments of your post.

Using any incentive will immediately boost your following and user engagement, so incorporate contests into your marketing campaign.

5. Watch Your Instagram Metrics

As you carry out your Instagram marketing campaign, watch your Instagram metrics carefully. If you have a specific social media marketing goal, you’ll need to keep track of your numbers.

What strategies bring the most engagement? Is there any dip or stagnation in your numbers?

You’ll want to watch your numbers over time to determine your marketing campaign’s strengths and weaknesses. While some strategies are universally effective, others may not benefit your profile as much as others.

These metrics include:

  • Impressions
  • Engagement rate
  • Instagram story views
  • Click-through rate
  • Follower growth

Once you notice patterns relating to your marketing strategies, you can really narrow down the best methods for boosting your marketing ROI.

Boost Your Marketing ROI Through Instagram Today

You can boost your marketing ROI today by following these proven strategies. To effectively sell your brand through Instagram, remember to always update your Instagram profile and watch your metrics.

Excited to boost your ROI? We have more marketing tips on our blog, so explore our other marketing articles!

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