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Photo Editing Tips

3 Simple and Easy Photo Editing Tips

by Ester Adams

Did you know that the first-ever photo was taken in 1826? The first color photograph didn’t come along until 1861! Obviously, photography has come a long way since then.

Now that we are “living in the future,” photographers have some of the best photo editing software available at their fingertips. You can make your photos look just right with this software, increasing their overall appearance and effect.

The only issue, however, is that if you don’t know what photo editing tips out there will help you, you might not even know what needs to be edited! Whether you take photos for yourself, as a professional photographer, or just for fun, photo editing is a crucial part of the process.

Keep reading as we give you our top 3 major tips to make your photos shine.

1. Pay Attention to Sizing

In many cases, it is well worth the time to make an image smaller, larger, or horizontal/vertical to get the desired effect you want. Resizing often goes along with cropping, which we will discuss later, but it is often done for photos that are going to be posted online.

When you’re preparing photos for social media or a blog website, for example, specific sizes and dimensions are going to help make the photo look more natural and clear. You can easily use an image resizer to do this.

2. Think About the Impact

The colors and contrasts within a photo can really change how it is perceived.

Someone standing in a field that is brightly lit with saturated colors will likely make the photo seem a little “happier.” The same person standing in that same field with grey tones and heavy contract may seem more dramatic or even sad.

When editing your photos, you have to consider what you want the person seeing the photos to think and feel.

3. Don’t Forget About Cropping

Cropping a photo will help you add symmetry to your photo and can encourage harmony with straight lines that already exist.

Many photo editing software options allow you to line up your image with a grid so that parts of the photo align with straight vertical and horizontal lines. Take advantage of this to ensure that your photo looks balanced.

You don’t want too much empty space on the top or bottom of the photo either. Get rid of any unwanted details within the photo by cropping them out, but be sure to pay attention to the overall layout and scene as well.

Take Advantage of These Photo Editing Tips

If you want your pictures to be all that they can be, you have to remember these photo editing tips for the next time you’re retouching after a photo shoot.

Not only do these things make your work look more professional, but they’ll also help you have a higher-quality product in the end.

Did you find this information helpful? Learn more about becoming a master photographer by browsing other blogs like this on our website.

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